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Offline Pledges
The Offline Pledges section allows you to enter donations received by cash or cheque into the system, consolidating these with the online donations that people have made on your behalf. There are a number of benefits to entering offline pledges for all involved:

Benefits for the Organization.  Entering this information online reduces administrative costs for the Organization and can save on mailing costs by being able to send e-Tax Receipts (if enabled by the organization).

Benefits for you.  Earn credit card reward points for donations you pay for using your credit card (if applicable). It also allows these pledges to be immediately reflected in your Donation History and Fundraising Thermometer.

Benefits for the Donor.  If electronic tax receipting is enabled by the organization, donors that gave you cash will receive their Tax Receipts more expeditiously as they can be sent electronically through the system.

How do I?
•  Add a Donor?
•  Remove a Donor?
•  Edit a Donor?
•  Pay with my credit card for donations that I have received in cash?
•   Why can’t I see the Offline Pledges option in my Participant Centre?
•   Is the Tax Receipt issued in the Donor’s name, even if I have paid for the donation using my credit card?
•   Why can’t I pay by credit card for some of the offline pledges?
•   I received an e-Tax Receipt for one of my Donors, what do I do?
•   If I indicated “Send the e-Tax receipt to my email and I’ll forward it to the donor” will I receive their e-Tax Receipt?
•   Will my offline pledges be reflected in my Donation History and Fundraising Thermometer?
•   My Thermometer isn’t reflecting the offline pledges?
•   What is the difference between the Pending Approval and the Confirmed in the Status column of the Offline Pledge Donors?
•   Will contacts entered in the Enter Offline Pledges page be added to the Address Book, Donation History and Follow-ups sections?
•   What do I do with the cheques received?
•   Are credit card transactions secure on the system?
•   Will Donors entered through Offline Pledges appear on my Honour Roll?