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Donation History
Donation History summarizes your funds raised to date in relation to your fundraising goal. In this section you can update your Fundraising Goal, view a list of your Donors in the Donation History along with any Personal Messages that they sent you when they donated, and view their donation details. If enabled by the organization, you are also able to re-issue Tax Receipts or export your Donation History.

If you are a Team Captain, you’ll also be able to view funds raised by each team member.

How do I?
•  Update my Fundraising Goal?
•  Re-issue a Tax Receipt?
•  Export Donor list?
•  View the donation details of a particular Donor?
•  Know if a Donor sent a Personal Message to me when they donated?
•   A Donor’s e-mail address is incorrect, can I change it?
•   If I re-issue a Tax Receipt do I have to notify the Organization?
•   Who is listed in the “From” field of the e-mail when an electronic Tax Receipt is sent to a Donor?
•   If a Donor pledges my campaign by phoning or sending a cheque directly to the Organization, will the amount be reflected on my Donation History page?
•   Will the offline pledges that I enter through the system be reflected on my Donation History page?