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Glossary for the Follow-ups Table:
Definitions for Column Headers (i.e. flag, types, opened)
Name & E-mail Contact Name and E-mail address
To Do To Do Flags indicate contacts for whom a thank-you or follow-up e-mail is outstanding.
Type Identifies the type of contact – “D” for Donor, “T “ for Teammate, or left blank if neither a Donor nor Teammate.
E-mails Sent: # & Last The number of e-mails that have been sent to that contact and the date the last e-mail was sent.
E-mail Open: # & Last The number of e-mails that have been opened by the contact and the last time one of the e-mails was opened.
Page Visits: # & Last The number of times the contact has visited your page from the e-mail you sent them and the date of the last time they visited your site. Note: if you included another event site link within your e-mail (i.e. to the event home page or your Team Page), this number could also represent visits to those pages.
Donation: Amount & Last The total amount sponsored to your campaign by the Donor and the date of their last donation.
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