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User Recognition for Returning Participants
User Recognition simplifies the registration process by allowing you to re-use your account from previous Pledge events. You can re-use your username, password and contact information, import your address book from a previous event, and have access to the donation history for all Pledge events for which you fundraised.

How do I?
•  Import my Address Book from my previous event?
•  Retrieve saved emails from my previous event?
•  See my Donation History from my previous event?
•  E-mail previous donors?
•  View my team fundraising progress from my previous event?
•   Can I invite previous teammates to join my new team?
•   There are people in my contact address book who I don’t recognize?
•   Will my personal fundraising page be carried over from a previous event?
•   Can I use the same personal fundraising page URL from a previous event?
•   Why did I get a notification there are ‘contacts in your address book you have never emailed for this event’ when I first signed in?