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Address Book
The Address Book allows you to add or import contacts from other e-mail programs and edit contact information. In order to send e-mails from the system or monitor/track responses in Follow-ups, the contact must be listed in your Address Book. Any Donors who have sponsored you and were not originally in your Address Book will be automatically added to your Address Book.

How do I?
•  Get my contacts into the Address Book?
•  Add contacts into the Address Book directly from my email account?
•  Manually add contacts to my Address Book?
•  Import contacts into the Address Book?
•  Export contacts from:

     – MS Outlook 2010
     – MS Outlook or Exchange
     – Outlook Express
  – Hotmail
  – Yahoo!
  – Gmail
  – Other

•  Export contacts from another e-mail program?
•  Edit contact details?
•  Export contacts from the Address Book?
•  Send e-mail to contacts in my Address Book?
•   I can’t import my contact list?
•   What happens if I don’t put the First Name and Last Name in for a contact?
•   Who appears as the sender of the e-mail?
•   How is the data used by the charitable Organization?
•   What is the maximum number of contacts that can be imported into my Address Book?
•   Why is the e-mail address in Address Book is different than the e-mail address
in Donation History?
•   If I updated the e-mail address in Address Book will it affect where the e-Tax Receipt
is sent?
•   Why is a contact listed multiple times?
Glossary for the Address Book Table:
•  Definitions for column headers