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The Follow-ups section helps you track and monitor your campaign communications with handy reminders letting you know who has visited the Event Site, Personal or Team pages, who has donated, who you need to send a “Thank you” e-mail to, and much more. Filters and To Do flags help to keep you up to date and identify next steps. Users who have donated directly to your campaign and were not originally in your Address Book are automatically added to your Address Book and the Follow-ups sections so that all Donor information is kept together.

How do I?
•  Select contacts to e-mail from the Follow-ups section?
•  Filter contacts (i.e., view all contacts who “have donated”)?
•  Send follow-up e-mail?
•  Add, edit or delete contacts that appear on the Follow-ups page?
•  Export my current follow-up status information from the system?
•   Does the select all Check Box select all contacts in the filter or only contacts viewable on the page?
•  Is the data that I get when I click Export List in the Follow-ups page the same as the data
I get when I click on Export List in the Address Book?
•  Why is the same contact listed multiple times in Follow-ups?
Glossary for the Follow-ups Table:
•  Definitions for column headers (i.e. flag, types, opened)