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Address Book

How do I Export contacts from Microsoft Outlook Express?
1.  Launch Outlook Express.
2.  Click on the File menu.
3.  Select Export and Address Book.
4.  The Address Book Export Tool will open.
5.  Select Text File (Comma Separated Values).
6.  Then click Export.
7.  Click Browse.
8.  Select Desktop.
9.  Name the file mycontacts.csv and select Save as type as Comma Separated Values (*.csv).
10.  Click Save.
11.  Click Next.
12.  Make sure to check the box next to Mobile Phone is checked.
13.  Then click Finish to save the file.

The Comma Separated Values (.CSV) file that you have saved can now be imported into your online address book. Please make sure that the E-mail field contains data before importing to your online address book. Do not remove any of the column headers for your file.
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